One year ago, In Flight’s began building it’s Development program in an effort to recruit and sustain donors and introduce new fundraising efforts. The first year of building the Development program consisted of improving communication methods and introductions to those who are already connected to the organization. As we enter the second year of the Development program, we are excited to begin recruiting In Flight Ambassadors!
What is an Ambassador? To be an ambassador for In Flight, you only need to posess two qualities: a passion for our mission and the ability to share your passion with others.
How Do I Share My Passion? In Flight will be introducing Point Of Entry events (POE Events). POE events are one hour introduction sessions where individuals learn about what we do at In Flight and how they can get involved to make a difference for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
What is an Ambassadors Role in POE? Ambassadors are the most important role in POE events as the ambassadors act as the host. In Flight provides the location (In Person or Digital) and our ambassadors will invite up to 10 people to the event. During the POE the ambassador is welcome to share with their guests why they are so passionate about what we do, though public speaking is not required.
What Happens After A POE Event? The POE events are only an hour long and are educational about what In Flight does. At the end of the event, information cards will be passed to the participants to fill out. After the event, In Flight’s Director of Development will reach out to all attendees to thank them for their attendance, get their opinion on the POE, and ask if they would like to be involved further in the organization. If the individual is not interested, they will be thanked again and released. If they show interest in getting involved, we will move forward and have them become an ambassador.
Does It Cost Money To Be An Ambassador? No. Donations are always welcome to the organization, but they are never required from our ambassadors. The point of being an ambassador is to introduce new people to our organization.
For more information about In Flight or how you can become an ambassador visit or contact Jill Rodriquez at JRODRIQUEZ@INFLIGHTINC.ORG.”