2020 is behind us and 2021 has begun. Setting resolutions and goals is one of the longest standing New Years traditions. As an organization, we are no different. We are always setting goals to grow and to provide the best services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One of our goals was to have those we support to share their experiences through this very blog as contributors to help the community better understand their point of view.

Like everyone else, they also have goals. Their disabilities give them more obstacles to be able to achieve their goals, but their determination never lets that slow them down.We reached out to those who benefit from our programs with the question “What is your goal for the new year?” We had two contributors who shared their New Years goals with us. Ibn D. was the first to share:

” My goals for 2021″


“This year I would like to be able to look for a job.  I would like to attend the fire departments meetings again.  I’m hoping that I stay safe and healthy!”

Ibn is a very dedicated young man, who has shown a history of following through to achieve his goals. Last year, he wanted to get healthy and began working out regularly and created a balanced diet to support his efforts. He is very active in the community but will face the obstacles of the pandemic to achieve his 2021 goals. Ibn attends In Flight’s ISAIL program, which provides training for employment and community activities to enhance the skills he will need to achieve his employment and volunteering goals.

Jamell H. was our second contributor to share his goals.


” My goals for 2021″


“This year I would like to look for a boyfriend.  I want to find a job to make money.  If it is safe, I would like to attend a concert. I’m excited Joe Biden will be President.”


Jamell’s goals are those of many, to find a loving relationship and employment. He is also hopeful that the pandemic will end so he can enjoy live music. Jamell, like Ibn has the same opportunities to learn job skills to find employment, but also faces the challenge of finding it during the pandemic. With concerts and other large gathering activities, he is ready for the pandemic to end so he can go back to what he enjoys most.


Many with intellectual and developmental disabilities have goals to obtain employment and make their own money. Though their disability makes it difficult, it doesn’t make it impossible. Both Ibn and Jamell are incredible examples of how with a little hard work, dedication, and a dream…all goals can be achieved. We also would like to thank them both for helping our organization achieve our goal of having new contributors to our blog! 2021 is shaping up to be a positive year and we hope it will be one where In Flight thrives.


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