Philanthropy can be dated all the way back to the 5th Century when Greek playwright, Aeschylus proclaimed the term to mean “love of humanity.” The concept of having love for your fellow man has only grown through the years with the many trials and tribulations that man faces. With more than 1.6 million non-profits existing in the US today the need for donors is at an all time high as these organizations strive to provide a love of humanity on limited budgets.

Non-profit organizations, such as In Flight, Inc, receive funding from many different sources to provide services to specific demographic of individuals. Due to the high number of non-profits, grants have become competitive and are often awarded for a limited amount of time before organizations are cycled out. Many of these grants will only provide funding for program specific uses, but what about everything else?

Like homeowners, non-profits face additional costs that are often not covered by grants. Many of them have one or more properties to maintain, utility bills, administrative costs, and more. This is where the power of donors thrives. Without the money to cover these costs, the programs that are offered are not possible. Donors who give to a non-profit without limits on their gifts contribute to these accruing costs not covered by traditional funding.

Non-profit organizations like In Flight, rely on donors like you. Superheroes who make a difference while never surfacing to the top and getting the ultimate recognition. Donors are providing driveway repairs, sensory rooms for those with disabilities, and employee appreciation events that keep employees moral high, so they always bring their best foot forward to work.

Being a donor is more than just writing a check, it makes you an important member of a family. One who shows support, one that organizations can go to in their time of need. Being a donor is more than just the benefits of tax deductions and recognition. It instills a sense of pride and a sense of belonging.

In Flight has been serving the community since the early 90’s and has been providing support and encouraging independence for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Like the many non-profits in the world, we have needs that are not always met by traditional funding. We strive every day to belong to the communities where we provide support and find new donors to be a member of our family.

You can make a difference for those with special needs. You can help maintain their homes to provide a safe environment. You can be an ambassador who introduces new people to the organization. You can help individuals overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams. It takes a special person to be a donor and you can make a difference for individuals in need by becoming a donor for In Flight today.

For more information about In Flight or how you can get involved visit or contact Jill Rodriquez at JRODRIQUEZ@INFLIGHTINC.ORG.