The clinical and behavioral team at In Flight Inc. works to promote self-management and independence for all the people we work with. The very qualified clinical team is comprised of licensed psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, board certified behavior analysts, and other very qualified clinicians.

Using person centered approaches as well as evidence-based practices the clinical team can develop treatments and supports individualized for each person. Using aspects from Applied Behavior Analysis, Positive Behavior Supports, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, etc. we can work with our people to support both pro-active and challenging behaviors. Understanding the function behind behavior helps our team to develop the most effective treatment and intervention plans.

Relationships are a central theme for the clinical and behavioral team. We work with staff to develop positive relationships with our people and to always ask the question “what would make you happy”? Happiness is a key factor. We want our people to continue progressing towards their goals and aspirations so that they can be happy and feel productive in their lives. Mindfulness is a technique that we teach to both staff and people we support so that they can understand how to self-regulate and create their own calmness.

The clinical team provides a behavior management course for all staff members to attend. The goal of the clinical team is to train direct support professionals behavior management techniques so that they are better prepared to assist our people. The staff are often told “to change someone’s behavior, we must first learn to change our own”. By giving staff tools and a new outlook they are better able to be pro-active and supportive when working with our people. The goal of behavior management is self-management. We want our people to be independent in controlling their behaviors and actions.

For more information on our Clinical/Behavioral Services, please contact Sarah Branham at 845-835-6060 x208 or