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In Flight Inc. is accredited through the Council on Quality Leadership (CQL). This accreditation is widely seen as the standard for human service organizations ensuring person-centered policy and practice across all levels of programming. As noted on the CQL website, this accreditation process goes much further than an on-site review. Instead it is an ongoing partnership with the organization ensuring that recommended changes to programming are followed through with and eventually lead to visible and measurable gains in improvement to the quality of life of people supported with developmental disabilities. The program assesses each participating agency through ten different quality indicator areas and makes suggestions on how to improve these areas largely through interviews conducted with people supported in the programs. Each person is asked a series of questions related to the Personal Outcome Measures® (POMs) and goals are developed for each person based on whether each of these outcomes are met and whether the agency is providing adequate support for these outcomes to be met.

CQL My Human Security Icon
My Human Security
Non-negotiable human and civil rights

1.  People are safe
2.  People are free from abuse and neglect
3.  People have the best possible health
4.  People experience continuity and security
5.  People exercise rights
6.  People are treated fairly
7.  People are respected

CQL My Community Icon
My Community
Access to be in, a part of, and with community

 8.  People use their environments
 9.  People live in integrated environments
10.  People interact with other members of the community
11.  People participate in the life of the community

CQL My Relationships Icon
My Relationships
Social support, intimacy, familiarity, and belonging

12.  People are connected to natural support networks
13.  People have friends
14.  People have intimate relationships
15.  People decide when to share personal information
16.  People perform different social roles

CQL My Choices Icon
My Choices
Decisions about ones’ life and community

17.  People choose where and with whom they live
18.  People choose where they work
19.  People choose services

CQL My Goals Icon
My Goals
Dreams and aspirations for the future

20.  People choose personal goals
21.  People realize personal goals