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I love working in Human Services and especially with people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities!  I began volunteering in the field in high school, and immediately felt at home and as though this is where my heart belonged, and my purpose was meant to be. Over 23 years and various positions at local agencies, I have had the pleasure of watching the field of services grow and change to continue to push for and promote independence, inclusion and integrity for all abilities.  I have recently made the switch to work for In Flight, Inc. because of its focus on quality services, the family-oriented nature of the company and its mission to support people to lead richer and fuller lives throughout our community.

Jennifer Wells, Community Habilitation Manager


My original hire date 7 years ago was to an agency that offered the opportunity for per diem hours at the OCF house in Gallatin. I was working at a Kingston agency full time and was unhappy, despite working better than a decade in the field. In Flight, Inc., even through my initial orientation, excited me the way it trained employees to be the best they could be. Moreover, it was the way they valued individual experience of each new employee. I thought of changing my career choice and coming to work at In Flight, full time. Then hurricane Irene hit the Hudson Valley. I worked the overnight of the worst storm ever. The Kingston-Rhine cliff bridge was going to close. There were power outages throughout Columbia and Greene counties, with trees blocking roadways. My relief, an assistant house manager living in Catskill, making sure I wasn’t trapped on the wrong side of the river, left her home at 2am to relieve me before they closed the bridge. Despite State of the Emergency Warnings, she got to me, and I made it home safely. Still needing to work my other job, I went in, while my family stayed with friends who still had power. Then we had a horrible catastrophe. There was a fire in my apartment.If it wasn’t for the fire department finding a fire in my apartment, after arriving for a medical emergency for the couple above me, smoke may have claimed the lives of my neighbors in the building. We lost everything due to smoke damage.  But this is where my family was truly blessed. We had renter’s insurance and the Red Cross helped us as well. But it was In Flight employees, who, hearing about our troubles, started a collection for its new employee. Though my house, and many other houses closed the OCF program, little did I know that years later, after a hip replacement, I would be offered an opportunity from the same agency that stood by my family and me when my other job had cast me aside. It was Teresa and Marisa in Human Resources who gave me a chance to not only reinvent myself, but complete the journey I had started years before. It’s not just the people we provide assistance for, it’s also the individuals who work here that make me proud to be working at In Flight. My family and I are deeply grateful. I can never repay that kindness, however, I can pay it forward.

– Jon Thomas Tolbert, Community Habilitation Worker


I appreciate that In Flight, Inc. provides extensive training prior to staff placement and opportunities to advance and learn.

Lorin D. Montgomery, DSP II/RBT


When you work for In Flight, Inc., you have the opportunity to become an integral member of a small company of dedicated employees working each day to make the lives of the people we serve, better than the day before.  In Flight provides every employee the know-how and the chance to make a difference in the lives of the people we support.  Because we are helping people with real-life issues and needs, the work can be challenging – but every day presents something new.  And if you ever have a question or suggestion about how to make your job better, the administration at In Flight is open and easy to talk to – they want to support us.

Former Employee Mark French, Director of QI


I have been working at In Flight, Inc. for 9+years. At In Flight, we support the Individuals we serve with compassion, honesty and dignity. We wear many hats to support our individuals, whether we are a driver, cook, counselor, friend or problem solver. The TEAM here at In Flight is DEDICATED, PATIENT and RESPONSIBLE. We nurture our individuals to make decisions for themselves and to personally grow. We support them to become as independent as possible, and lead a life in the community, independently. I have seen many Individuals we support live richer, fuller lives. We are NOT ONLY A TEAM HERE AT IN FLIGHT, WE ARE A FAMILY.

Kelley Sims, Manager Riozzi Court IRA

When I got hired, I must admit, I was a little uneasy as well as skeptical. However, that changed quickly. I’ve learned a lot working with the individuals we support. At the same time, I’m sure they’ve learned a lot from me as well. Each individual is very unique; everything from their personality to their smile makes this job so much more worthwhile. Working at In Flight has not only been extremely rewarding, but a great learning experience as well. There’s no greater feeling than walking into work and seeing smiles and being given hugs because individuals are happy to see you. That’s just another reason why I love the job I do. You never realize the impact you may have on one’s life, until you sit back, relax and think of the impact that someone has on you. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with such great people. In Flight in s a great company and the individuals we support matter.

Barbara Veeney, DSP Falls Road IRA


I like working for In Flight because I enjoy working with the people we support.  I like to go on outings with them and take them to different places and see their enjoyment. I have suggested to some people to apply for a job with In Flight.

Jennifer Valentino, DSP Heather Lane IRA


I made the decision many years ago to work in Human Services. You see, I wanted to give something back. So, I began my career. After working for some time with another agency, I decided to apply at In Flight. I knew several folks that I would network with who worked there. They all loved their jobs. Well, I made the move and I couldn’t be happier. In Flight is an agency that devotes itself to the service of their people! It is so satisfying knowing that you have made a difference in someone else’s life. I would encourage you to do the same today! Why wait? Make a difference!

Fred Schug, Manager of Facilities


I have been a DSP for about 5 years, and have worked at In Flight for 2 years. I really enjoy helping and caring for others, in any way, to make their lives better. In Flight is one of the best agencies I have worked for. Everyone from Human Resources, Nursing, House Managers and staff are very friendly and make you feel comfortable in every way. It helps you be able to do your job to the best of your ability.   

– Cherelle Pommels, DSP Heather Lane IRA


Thank you and all who gave us a wonderful day yesterday. For all the goodies and appreciation. I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful organization. May In Flight soar! Thank you again!!!

– Jeanne Lange, Com Hab