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You can make a difference for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by getting involved with In Flight!

●  Give a Gift

A donation to In Flight, Inc. can be made by you - or on your behalf - in a number of convenient ways. For information on any the following, please contact Jill Rodriquez, our Director of Development and External Affairs, for advice or to arrange a meeting with Jill to discuss your involvement, whether through Planned Giving, In Memoriam donations, or by joining the Multi-Year Giving Society.

Multi-Year Giving

Choose one of our multi-year gifting levels and give what you are comfortable with, spread over the course of five years:

  • Hero - Pledge $20,000 over the course of five years. That breaks down to $4,000 per year - the perfect membership for corporations.
  • Friend - Donate $10,000 over five years. That's just $41 per week.
  • Buddy - A $5,000 pledge will make a big difference to the lifestle and well-being of our community members.

Whatever the amount, please give the gift that "keeps on giving", and pledge today!

●  Become an In Flight Ambassador

We will be hosting occasional "point of entry" events, to introduce the community and potential donors to our organization. We are looking for volunteer ambassadors who are interested in "hosting" these events. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please contact us for more information.

●  Give Professionally

Did you know that consumers are more likely to do business with corporations that are socially responsible?

Donating to non-profits is not only tax deductible, but also a great form of advertising, as your business is listed on websites, social media, and newsletters? In Flight is looking to build relationships with local businesses of the Hudson Valley.

Your business can make a difference for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through gifts, sponsorships, and general support. Feel free to contact us for information on corporate giving.

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Mailing List

✔  Volunteer!

We at In Flight are grateful for those who are eager to assist in our realizing the agency mission of empowering the people we support to seek a meaningful quality of life. If you are interested in aiding this effort, please contact our Human Resources department.

We are thankful for opportunities given to the people we support at In Flight, to engage in meaningful community activities.

If you have an opportunity you would like to offer, please contact our Day Programs team.