Catskill ISAIL presented with the Bonnie Rutz-Hoeft Award.



CATSKILL, NEW YORK- The average American devotes 40+ hours a week at work. Often, we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with some of our families, making our co-workers a second family. When Bonnie Rutz-Hoeft passed away in May of 2019, the In Flight family was left with a hole in their hearts at the loss of their former Chief Financial Officer. To honor her memory, In Flight held their first inner-agency Bonnie Rutz-Hoeft Holiday Decorating Contest.

Each year, In Flight, Inc. would have a friendly holiday decorating contest between their residential and day programming. The administrative team would be judges for each of the locations and declare a winner. This was one of Bonnie’s favorite activities throughout the year. She would convey the spirit of the holidays to In Flight.

This year, In Flight decided to change the holiday decorating contest to the first Bonnie Rutz-Hoeft Decorating contest to honor her memory. Each residence and day program put their best foot forward in their decorating efforts, including creating festive holiday drinks, various light displays, and themes. This year’s winner, the Catskill ISAIL day program filled their building with hand made snowflakes, creating a winter wonderland. In Flight, Inc. presented the Catskill ISAIL with a trophy that honors Bonnie in addition to a cash prize for their efforts to put towards their program’s activities.

“Here at In Flight, we are a family.” Says Jill Rodriquez, Director of Development & External Affairs. “When our staff is no longer with us when they leave for new adventures, retire, or pass away, a piece of them always stays with us at In Flight. Bonnie left her mark on our team and our programs, and we are delighted to honor her memory.”

In Flight, Inc. is a local non-profit organization that provides programs to individuals with developmental disabilities to help them achieve their highest potential and life goals. The organization has programming in Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia, and Greene Counties. For more information about In Flight, Inc, please contact Jill Rodriquez at 845-835-6060 x 240 or