Unique Santiago

Unique Santiago is a dedicated staff, who understands, cares and supports the men at Riozzi Court. When Unique arrives on shift she is organized, structured and professional. Unique takes the time to listen to each one of the men and their issues.She easily handles the different dynamics within the house and the men absolutely love her. Unique counsels them, and gives real examples of being appropriate in and out of the community, and how to handle the situation they are going through at that time. Unique makes sure that there are healthy food choices within the home of the men she supports.

Unique believes in community integration and has supported the men while attending events such as Special Olympics and the Garlic Festival. Unique transports the men for home
visits, grocery shops with them and makes sure blood work is done, even on the weekends.

Unique has a strength unlike any other. Every day she comes to work with no complaints, even when she has been a single staff on shift on the weekends for an extended time. Unique is a great asset to Riozzi Court. Thanks, Unique, for applying here at In Flight!  We appreciate your dedication, and the love you give to the men at Riozzi Court.