Kenneth Livengood

Congratulations to Kenneth Livengood, August DSP of the Month!

Kenny is a Com Hab DSP by hire who is exceptionally person centered, patient and flexible. During the COVID-19 crisis and shut down of day program, Kenny’s Com Hab-R hours were stopped. Kenny has stepped up to provide support as a day program DSP, initially picking up a few shifts at Falls Road. After a few weeks-Kenny willingly moved to Church Ave where support was needed, even though this was almost an hour drive from his home. Kenny has picked up many residential shifts at Church Ave in addition to the day program hours and is always willing to do what he can to fill in where he is needed. He is ready to learn, ask questions and step up when needed. Kenny is very easy to communicate with and is personable.Kenny has built an excellent relationship with the men at Church Ave, and has become an essential support to almost all programs at In Flight. He brings pure joy to Church Ave, and really seems to enjoy this time with the people we support.They adore him! He is so genuine and insightful. He has also made strong bonds with the residential staff and practices the true meaning of teamwork in everything he does.Kenny is an exceptional example of what a DSP of the month embodies in his willingness to help anywhere he can. He does it ethically, compassionately and with a commitment to the people we support.Thank you, Kenny, for all that you do!